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  • Hashtags and Social Media popularity

    Hashtags and Social Media popularity

    Hashtags are the trend in the social media platform. The Hashtags was just a neglect key or a sign in our keyboard until Twitter makes this unused symbol sensational. Now, it is a way of becoming famous in Social Medias. This sign is mostly used in Twitter and Instagram. Firstly, for those who are not…

  • HTTP/2 and its importance

    HTTP/2 and its importance

    HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the protocol which works in transport layer for data communication in World Wide Web (www) i.e. Internet. So, the hypertext has hyperlinks which allow the user to access to other resources or from server to client. Many transport protocol have been updated since the base was developed. However, HTTP/2 or…

  • Digital Marketing 101, an Event for you

    Digital Marketing 101, an Event for you

    Here again, GyanHub is presenting you with all another event after the successful ‘How to enhance Presentation Skill’ event. Digital Marketing 101 is the event title and GyanHub is again hosting this event. So, basically, if you have even a slight interest in ‘Digital Marketing and SEO’ things or have a query regarding those topics,…