Corporate Coworking: Why Large Corporations Are Turning To Flexible Offices

Corporate Coworking: Why Large Corporations Are Turning To Flexible Offices

Coworking spaces are mostly used by the people who are engaged especially at business startups and many other people connected to various companies. Coworking spaces are actually at high demand at this very time. There is a global pandemic i.e. Coronavirus. Physical distancing is only the preventive measures for it. And, thus people are being a part of coworking spaces. Because there will be limited people working in a good environment. 

Coworking spaces are not only for business startups and remote workers. It is also being able to provide flexible office space and the industry has grown by leaps and bounds as organizations of all shapes. Coworking spaces and it’s unique feature presents enterprises customizable utility and flexibility that traditional offices merely cannot procure. There are five common drivers are propellent this prodigious move towards flexible office spaces, mentioned as follows:- 

  1. Talent accomplishment and retentivity = Large corporations use flexible office space when they want to confront and conserve specialized talent. Coworking yields enterprises with the flexibility needed to cater the individual needs of critical talent rather than expecting people to interrupt their lives for the job. 
  1. Business Kinetics = Today’s, businesses have to pursue suits to sustain stride with a dynamic customer fundament and arena of competition. Coworking space is a better flexible space choice when flexibility and time are at a premium. 
  1. Accounting and valuation benefits = In recent years, lease accounting has undergone in the expressive modifications. Larger public corporations must now list leases of one year in period or longer on their balance sheets as a liability. They can still function the flexible office space with short-term agreements. 
  1.  Footprints and geography = Many large corporations have massive footprints extending over several regions, countries, or even continents. An enterprise can still rapidly pivot to the ever-growing or modifying customer fundament to meet the expectations effectively.
  1. Commercial Real Estate (CRE) market timing = Larger corporations nurture to be peculiarly apprehension at reading variations in deviates in the commercial real estate market. A flexible office lease allows them to either enter or remain in that market and wait for price points to move away from their peaks.

Thus, flexible office space is already a crucial part of actions for many large enterprises. Many companies have known that coworking spaces aren’t only for freelancers, startups and small businesses so they have entered the flexible office space which will only continue to rise. 

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