Coworking as a company platform

Coworking is the new notion of working. Coworking spaces are the sharing of the offices with the coworkers where we can make our professional and personal networking strong. It is very productive to use, we can have our own place with reasonable prices and we can work with many intellectual minds. 

Coworking is also a social gathering of a group of people who are still working independently, but who share values, and who are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with people who value working in the same place alongside each other. Over the past few years, Nepal has been also adopting the new concept of office i.e. coworking space. Coworking mainly serves for startup businesses which can have exploring of the business. It is also proved that the coworking space reduces the business failure rate to some extent. Coworking spaces have other benefits more than monetary advantages. Coworking space can also establish companies. Today’s workforce is getting flexibility. Rather than working from home, engaging people in a shared coworking space can boost creativity. The subscription plans of these companies are also very appealing. With the facility of payment service on the basis of hourly, daily, monthly rates, one need not worry about the long process of lease agreement. To make people aware and make them understand about the coworking spaces, media plays a vital role. Nepal is a renowned tourist destination. We should tap digital nomads and the market of freelancers. Coworking spaces are advantageous for those entrepreneurs who want to make their companies established and give them a good direction. The reason for the majority of the people are interested and have started to use the concept of coworking is not just to lower the real-estate cost. Many professionals come to work at shared offices which can benefit them alot. 

Coworking spaces give rise to new companies to be established and give freelancers to work in the good market.

Thus, coworking space is also a company platform. 

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