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Here again, GyanHub is presenting you with all another event after the successful ‘How to enhance Presentation Skill’ event. Digital Marketing 101 is the event title and GyanHub is again hosting this event. So, basically, if you have even a slight interest in ‘Digital Marketing and SEO’ things or have a query regarding those topics, you are heartily welcome to this event. Have participation in the event and give a boost to the vague concepts about these issues.

Digital Marketing

First of all, let us provide you slight hints on this topic. For further details to know intensely about Digital Marketing surely give a chance to yourself to attend this event.

‘Digital Marketing’ sounds so cool, fancy and smart just like how the things these days getting smarter. Yes, what you are thinking of this digital marketing aspect is correct at some point. It is just a way of doing all the marketing jobs online using electric or smart devices with the use of the internet. This marketing business holds up the facts like a search engine, email, websites, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and other means to approach customers.

According to some studies, it is believed that the usage of internet and online users increases by 5% in recent years. Most of the people over the whole world spend most of their time on internet surfing. People shop and buy their stuff through online media. Hence, traditional marketing seems to decline. As the strategy of marketing has always been to approach the people, the way of marketing must change.

Therefore, your business strategy must change your selling product media in an online way.

Why Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is really useful for all the business growth even if you are a start-up or for a small business. This marketing strategy has so many plus effects to do digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is an ultra-powerful medium for your business marketing. You can approach your customers so many at a time without any difficulties and gain feedback from them.

It is a way better and cost-effective way of marketing than the traditional way of marketing.

Your traffic rate on online marketing will top up your online business types like leads, subscribers, and sales. So one can make their conversion optimization of the online businesses type on top in simple and faster ways.

Hence, this will probably be a great opportunity for you to know about Digital Marketing and its effect on modern business strategy.

More details about the event

GyanHub a co-working space provider is hosting this event in the same venue (Zero Kilometer, Fewa Highway), Resham Store. You can check on our website ( for buying a ticket.  And we are conducting this event on August 30, 2019, from 3 PM to 5 PM. The presenter of this event is Saurabh Sharma who specializes in Digital Marketing and SEO.

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