IT Audit

IT audit is an opportunity to get an unbiased assessment of your company’s IT management system, to understand how IT infrastructure, information systems and IT services should be developed, and also to determine the points and methods of their most effective application. Gyan Hub coworking space has planned this service to make the proper management of the IT department for the customers.

IT Consulting

IT consulting service will help you improve your software architecture, create a tech-driven digital strategy, and improve operations by optimizing your software portfolio. There will be various types of services and advice will be provided under the consulting services. Gyan Hub coworking space is providing such service so that there won’t be any problems or confusion to customers regarding IT fields.

Company Registration

Company registration is the legal framework of any organization which must be registered to be a legal persona. Every company must be registered so that there won’t be any illegal acts inside the company, that particular company will be registered for only that specific work or service. Gyan Hub coworking space has registered in company registered office and is established as a legally verified coworking space.

Common Working Space

Common working space is the main theme of coworking space. There will be enough space for every coworker who want to work on common space. This concept is the main important part to make people socialize and make some networking. Gyan Hub coworking space also has single working room but people always choose to stay in common space and work which is a good way to interact with other coworkers too.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing was more preferred during the global pandemic. Now also it is important for various organizations and companies. Digital marketing bounds all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers. Gyan Hub coworking space planned to provide the digital marketing service to the customers.

Startup Mentorship

Mentorship is the guardianship for any work to do in a correct way. Mentorship is very essential for the startups. In a startup, as well as the founders and their team of collaborators, we can find other roles who influence the business and very likely the decision-making of the founders: mentors and advisors. In the entrepreneurship world, a mentor is someone who is willing to dedicate their time and experience to guide the development of the business and of its entrepreneur. Gyan Hub coworking space has conducted various programs under startup mentorship under Urja Lab Company.

Meeting Room

Meeting room is very necessary in every organization and office. It is the primary right of the staffs and customers to utilize the service. They must have one privacy room for maintaining the confidential information. Gyan Hub has various types of meeting room where people can discuss their work as well as other important information to maintain their privacy.

Management Consulting

Management consultant is the service which is provided for the helping the organization to improve their work as well as their performance. It is all about giving advise and making the people understand the consequences if any thing goes wrong. Management consultant provides the solution and how to cope up as well as face the problems. Gyan Hub is proud to announce this new service for the betterment of the customers as well as for the organization itself.

Virtual Office

What any particular package offers really depends on the service provider. As a general rule though, virtual offices offer the following amenities and services as standard: Prestigious physical address Mail and fax handling Parcel receiving Telephone answering service Voicemail service Reception service Limited use of conference rooms