Enhance your Presentation Skills


Basically the value of your skills will never be appreciated inside the wall. So everyone must be appreciated for who they are and what their skills are. But the first to appreciate yourself and your skills is you. You need to come out of the dark and break the ice. So the first step towards the journey of your dream is by speaking and presenting yourself and presenting your dream. With regards of this, GyanHub is presenting you an event where one of the skillful youth is delivering the speech on “Enhance Presentation Skills”. GyanHub is the platform providing you a co-working space service which will be really grateful for youths especially.
If you are thinking of starting a new business, stay with GyanHub for the extreme help of you and your dream business. Even if you are working on some others project, it will be a great place for you to work and have a great atmosphere.
So, “Enhance presentation skills” is a public speech event which is about presenting about yourself, your emotions, your aim, and your dream in a mass with positive attitude. And the speaker for the event is “Vishal Koirala” who is the current president at ‘Ensemble for Bachelors’ and ambassador of ‘Oya Opportunities’. Being a youth, he is really a great influencer for youths.
The venue for this event is ‘Resam Store’ located at Zero km Pokhara. This event is organized by Resam Store and supported by GyanHub. This is starting from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm on August 5, 2019. The cost for the ticket is Rs. 200 including coffee and cookies.
Hope to see you all there.

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