Excessive use of social media during the pandemic.

Social media is computer based technology that alleviates the exchange of ideas, information and thoughts through virtual communities and networks. It is also internet based and gives the users prompt electronic communication of content. 

During the lockdown, when everyone was inside their homes. The only way to prevent the COVID-19 is to maintain social distance from being infected. Mostly, all of the countries announced lockdowns and people were in their homes with families. Most of them worked from home and there were online classes for the students as well. During this time, the use of social media among the people was very high. There was really enough time to use social media, click pictures and share your lockdown stories. Many people cook food and enjoy, some make dancing videos and upload, some write articles and get it published, etc. This time was really a good time to spend with families at home but the pandemic is severe. Social media was rewarding to many users looking for emotional, informational and peer support when the global pandemic i.e. Coronavirus hit.  Never before in human history has it been possible to communicate so quickly during a pandemic, social media platforms have been a key piece for the dissemination of information; however, there are multiple advantages and disadvantages that must be considered. Not only to have fun or chat with friends, social media was also highly used to get the update of infected people and news of the countries. However, it’s irresponsible function confounds the challenges of ‘infodemics’ (a situation when ‘misinformation’) disperses rapidly and results in affecting subsequent behaviour and thinking of people. Many youngsters or children who have internet connection at their home play games. They have become internet addicts, which directly harms a person’s mental health. 

Social media are being used at high numbers and people are also being aware of what is going on around the world. It is very  advantageous but when it will be excessively used than needed, can harm our mental health. Thus, it must be used to some extent, we can do some other stuff which can make us engaged and let our mind be fresh for some hours. 

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