Introduction to coworking mag.

Coworking is the process where people working from various types of office or companies gather together in a shared office to work. It is the new concept which is being developed in Nepal. There are various advantages of using a coworking spaces to work. But coworking spaces are especially popular in the freelancing and startup worlds. When coworking spaces came about, it was typical to think “startup” and picture some (over the top) office building where everyone rides around on unicycles and sits in giant bean bag chairs.

Coworking mag is the digital platform of global magazine which is dedicated to the growing concept of coworking space. It consists of interesting news and information about coworking space, coworkers, and others those who want to share their experience about the coworking space which is being very popular among the students as well. Coworking mag has seen as the favorite to the people because it has taken the responsibility to help people for finding the coworking space in their area or city. Being as a digital platform for the coworking space, it covers everything from general idea of coworking space to coworking news around the world advanced rage.

Coworking mag was introduced in 2018, with the view to be the most read online magazine on coworking space, website named now reaches out to 10,000 of people around the world. Coworking Mag has been founded by Ajay Deep, a successful entrepreneur who started and scaled a bunch of startups – all from shared office spaces. He is so much in love with the coworking trend that he has visited hundreds of coworking spaces in different countries and is now an investor in this ever-growing idea of developing new coworking spaces.

While spreading the concept of coworking space to people they came across numerous respect and love from different coworking spaces. In a short period of time, coworking mag has been praised for their working efforts and contribution made by them in many organizations. As the pandemic has impact the coworking space in a positive way like many other businesses. It is very much important to be safe rather than work in an unhealthy platform.

Thus, a coworking mag is the digital platform which makes people aware about the concept of a coworking space with its importance and advantages. Coworking space is the best environment to work with creative minds and make your business grow more in a systematic manner.

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