Is it a good idea to have multiple coworking spaces in one city?

Yes, it is a good idea to have multiple coworking spaces in one city. As everyone knows, a coworking space is the place where we can work by sharing our required furniture at affordable prices. Coworking space is a new concept which is being developed in Nepal. The subject of competing coworking spaces within one city came up in the Coworking group. Coworking spaces must be established at various places in a city. 

At this very time, people would like to prefer a place where there are less number of people working in a good environment because of the global pandemic. Having multiple coworking spaces may have the following benefits and they are:- 

  1. The growth of coworking is leading to it being asked increasingly by first time coworking space founders and long term owners alike.
  1. Having multiple coworking space will make you understand and work with people in your city who might defy your efforts. 
  1.  It is easy for you to jump on a conclusion that competition will make growing your community more harder. 
  1. The more people there are collaborating on the promotion of coworking in your city, the faster people still doing things the old way will switch.
  1. There won’t be more crowded at one place rather people will be balanced in every coworking space of a city which is a good thing. 

The rise in self-employment has led to an explosion in demand for co-working spaces, particularly from millennials in tech industry startups. People having problems with finance and family situations can have work from home which is advantageous. But, work from home can leave you isolated and distract which will impact your productivity. And, if you can’t afford traditional private office space, thus coworking spaces are established. This is the time to invest in coworking space for being more developed and be at multiple places. Thus, having multiple coworking spaces in one city is beneficial to people in many ways. 

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