Myth Of Coworking Spaces In Nepal

Co-working really works

Coworking spaces have truly revolutionized the old office work culture and we believe. In the future decade, the co-working movement will gather speed and momentum in Nepal. It is safe to say that there has never been a better time to take advantage of a co-working space.

But still there are some misconceptions and misunderstandings, So let’s see some of the most common co-working myths.

Coworking is only for tech startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and tech startups do exist in coworking spaces, but they don’t reflect or define coworking as a whole.

Coworking space is for everyone which includes freelance designers and writers, independent professionals, programmers, photographers, attorneys, nonprofits, event planners, artists, remote workers, small business owners and much more.

In fact, the more diverse a workspace community is, the stronger the community and in-house professional network.

Coworking space is like  working in a coffee shop

It would be irrelevant to compare a coworking space with a coffee shop although it has everything a coffee shop has, Plus it has so much more:

a community of professionals to collaborate and network with; working space Resources, such as conference rooms, virtual mail, printers, whiteboards, and wall-mounted displays; quiet work areas; collaborative work areas, such as day offices and meeting rooms; professional and personal development events; and more.

You can’t have private or confidential conversations in a coworking space

Keeping your information and your clients’ information protected is important. Coworking spaces provide conference rooms,  and various breakout areas for you to chat with your team or a client without others listening in Additionally, we have secure and reliable wifi to protect your information.

It’s too noisy in a coworking space

Most people think coworking space must be noisy and distracting but the fact is our coworking space is well organized and we have dedicated meeting rooms, Usually, it never gets louder than a normal conversation.

Coworking space is expensive

Most of the people think coworking space is expensive and it is not their fault to think so it is due to a lack of social awareness. Starting a business requires a big plan and a big investment As you can get all the facilities you require for a business in the co-working space, it will cost a way lesser which is another beneficial part of the co-working space.

Coworking space gives an opportunity to make a connection with people from various backgrounds which will ultimately benefit each and every individual.

If you haven’t been to the Gyan hub yet, come take a tour to see where you’ll fit in the workspace experience what it’s like to work in a coworking space!

“If you want to go fast walk alone but if you want to go far walk together”

                                                                                 -African proverb

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