One Book One Week challenge

Gyan Hub challenges you to Read One Book for One Week. The challenge is for the coming week, starts from Friday 20 December. Choose any book you would like to read from Gyan Hub and participate in this event. Complete reading the book within one week. At the end of the week (27 DEC 3-4 PM) Gyan Hub will organize a discussion event. Winner will be selected on the basis of discussion and prize will be provided to the winner.

The benefits you could reap by joining the reading challenge.
1. Enhance focus.
2. Learn new things every week.
3. Become more knowledgeable.
4. Get ideas to improve in business, life, relationships, health and more.
5. Be mentored by the best minds in the world.
6. Train creativity and comprehension muscles.
7. Become the idea machine.
8. Learn to prioritize time.

*Participation charge is just Rs 100 including Tea/Coffee.

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