Research Trek to Himalayan Panorama

Research Trekking

Either a trek or a hike, whether for an overnight or several days, work continues. Or basically, traveling and working might be one’s job. So, to give continuity to the job is another aim for our co-working space. Our services extend wherever you are. To achieve the aim, we have conducted this research trek to Himalayan panorama.

GyanHub co-working space is conducting research-based trekking from Pokhara to Sirubari. It will be a six days long trek with 8 members. The journey starts from Oct 13 to Oct 18 with most days hiking.  The days are categorized into traveling, camping, and hiking aside from research. The members which will be the part of this research-based trekking are event leader, communication officer, videographer, content writer, finance, administrative officer and volunteer.

Itinerary Overview of Research Trek

As already mentioned, the trek is divided into six days starting from Pokhara to Sirubari. The research First, the journey starts traveling to Panchase from Pokhara and again to Karkineta, Parbat. Then, further days will be camping, trekking and again back to Pokhara.

First Day

On the first day, the research trek starts from Pokhara to Panchase. It will be a straight journey just viewing the roadways and witnessing the local culture. Then, all the members will have lunchtime on the way and dinner in Panchase.

Panchase trek comes under a short trek that lies in the west of Pokhara. The trip to Panchase will give you a magnificent view of the Annapurna Himalaya range. The top of the Panchase is 2500 meters above sea level which is yet comfortable for everybody.

Second Day

On the second day, the volunteers will initiate their research program. The research will be on Panchase. All members will do a tour of the Panchase villages and other visiting spots. We will dedicate the whole day in this place with good accommodation and food time.

 Third-Day of Trek

On the third day, we will start our journey to Karkineta, Parbat. It is a rising destination to visit which further is a beautiful village with the best local hospitality. On this day too, together with research, we will do the tour over Karkineta.

Fourth Day

The fourth day is a camping day. After the visit to beautiful places of Karkineta and tourist spot of Parbat district, camping starts on the same day. We will enjoy the food, music and other games and sports activities.

 Fifth Day

We will head towards Sirubari on the fifth day after the camping. Presenting the spectacle ethnicity of the Gurung community and their culture is the specification of this beautiful village. Their welcoming and unbounded hospitality is always a charm and a success for attracting more visitors. It is actually a small village settled in the southeast of the Syangja showing its beauty towards south direction lying at 1700 meter sea level.

Sixth Day

After the research and overview of Sirubari, we will end the journey and return to Pokhara on the sixth day. With a lot of aimed research collection, our journey terminates from where we start.

Overall, the research trip of six days ends with many fun and educational based outcomes. This event costs Rs 8000 for each person.

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