Tag: Benefits of co-working for startups

  • Co-working space for Startup

    Co-working space for Startup

    Co-working space is the agreement done between various workers from different organization or company shares office spaces, allowing cost savings and widget through the use of common infrastructures. It is the business services that involves individuals working independently or co-operating in shared office space. Co-working space is the perfect option because it gives the aptitude…

  • Startup Mentorship Workshop

    Startup Mentorship Workshop

    The journey of entrepreneurship is not all roses and butterflies. It is filled with many obstacles. We know this, because we’ve been there. This is why Gyan Hub brings you one of the awesome program to cope up with such hinderance, “Startup Mentorship Workshop”. The program is intended to expand your networks and connections and…

  • Reasons why work in co-working space

    Reasons why work in co-working space

    Co-working space is a social business orientation which is actually of multiple formation. It provides services to individual looking for a good place to work. Also, a group can work collaboratively. And, in any case who needs volunteer or a guidance, then this environment is really appropriate for them too. Hence, it is just a…