The hidden Agenda of Gyan Hub Co-Working Space

A member of our organization in working space

Looking for the Lowest cost Co-Working Space in Pokhara?? Gyan Hub, the first and only one working space in Pokhara, is always here to serve you.  

We promise you provide a peaceful and motivating environment where you can work across the table with work enthusiastic and passionate people just like you. We follow the concept of “Just pay for only what you need”.

Why to choose Gyan Hub ??

The major 5 benefits you can get from our working space are:

  • Options for working space:

You can choose how much isolated environment you need through our working space options:

  1. Reading Room
  2. Private office Space 
  3. Common Room
  • Cost Efficient:

Establishing your own office may be too costly since you have to pay whether you use the space or not.  Especially if you are at the beginning of your business, it becomes the biggest challenge. 

So, working space is not only affordable but also provides a great flexibility to grow your business with spending floods of money.

  • More Job control and Flexibility:

It will provide more control and flexibility to your work regardless of the time since it doesn’t have 10-4  work hours like any typical office.

  • Community and Networking:

Networking is one the major reasons of people for choosing working space. You will be working in the same environment with many highly passionate people giving you chance to build or grow your connections. And to grow any business, networking is the main key.

  • Additional Perks:

Along with the working space, you can enjoy:

  • Books Library
  • High Speed Internet
  • Technical Support
  • Printing

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