Pokhara, the Best Choice for Digital Nomad City??

Co-working really works

Pokhara, the dream city for almost every traveller, will also be the perfect destination choice for digital nomads or business travellers. This can be said without any doubt since, it meets all the requirements to be considered for great digital nomad destination mentioned in this blog. First let’s know who is digital nomad people.

What is Digital Nomad?

The people who are crazily passionate about the digital world and technologies is not only their passion but also their source to earn their living are said to be the digital nomads. In addition to this they are location independent.

In this past few years, technology has drastically changed our daily lives so much that now no one can imagine ourselves without it. Digital nomad may sound too vague to some however, with the crazy development in technology, the old typical working structure with the old norms and values. are disappearing and assumed to dissolve sooner or later.

The concept of digital nomad is being popular day by day and has extended in multiple fields of profession. The concept of working inside the four walls is being changed by digital nomads like Youtubers, bloggers, online teachers, graphical designers, virtual coaches, translators etc.

Why Pokhara??

Following are the checklist for considering Pokhara the nomad city of Nepal:

1. Inspirational:

Since choosing digital nomad life, you will be glued to your laptops, mobiles or whatever gadgets you use which can make you dull and tired. So, where and how you spend the leisure time you take plays a great role. The non-working hours needs to be as inspirational as possible.

Pokhara, will allow you to be surrounded by great view of those beautiful mountains, lakes and temples letting you forget your stress and inspiring you morally. Inspiring environment lets you be focused and create magic on your work.

2. Co-working Space:

Since the co-working space is also available, you can get a working environment surrounded by enthusiastic and passionate people. You can extend your networks and connections with the passionate people just like you.

3. Cost-Effective:

Cost is the major issue for any digital nomads who are beginners or are in their early phases of learning.

Since, you can find working space with different ranges of price, you can choose to live cheaply or lavishly according to your budget. 

4. Internet:

Without internet, digital nomad life is impossible. There is rarely any region in Pokhara without internet; from libraries to the restaurants, clubs and hotels. So, you can do your job wherever you want.

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