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Success Story

Generally, the term ‘co-working’ seems so casual. But when digging through the past, there’s a long story behind this. Somehow, the concept of the co-working was developed since the early 1600. The concept was officially implemented in August 9, 2005 by programmer Brad Neuberg in San Francisco. Although, the co-working space couldn’t run for more than a year but the concept keep evolving drastically ever then.

The first story may not sound much successful but you can analyze yourself how the co-working is hitting up in entrepreneurs and youths. Obviously, it is confirmed that there are many successful stories from co-working spaces. Therefore, today GyanHub is presenting some of the successful names that get the success from co-working. I can surely say that it will give a boost to your enthusiasm for your dream achievement.



Does anybody think that this requires intro? I don’t think I have to explain what thing is it or how it works. Everybody knows the Instagram. It is one of the most trending social app. Yes, Instagram is one of the successful companies that started their journey from co-working space.
Let’s get out of our daily Instagram story and know a short story of Instagram. Two talented personalities Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom create concept of creating a social app which is based on images. They founded this concept in co-working space lab Dogpatch Labs in San Francisco. Everyone in the world likes this concept so much that this social app gets all over the world and Facebook bought it for $1 billion.


Uber is another success story of co-working space. Uber is also a really useful and helpful for a normal people concept that provides a transport facility. Yes, transportation is the first services that Uber provides. A group with the 8 member started doing this concept in 2011 in a co-working space. Along with the co-founders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camo, they work in tech space named as RocketSpace in San Francisco. Now, Uber is running in so many countries of the world. Along with the good money, this company is successful in providing employment to many people. It also provides other facilities like Uber Food, Uber Help and Uber Freights.


Spotify is also one of the success stories of the co-working space. This company also has started doing their work in RocketSpace where the Uber has worked. It is music service provider which gives you access to millions of songs worldwide. They have hundreds of millions of active users which they earn from online podcasts and songs. They have marked themselves for more than $8 billion. Finally, Spotify can be concluded as successful company of the world.


Ofo is a first bike sharing Chinese company which has been doing so finely these days in over 25 countries. This base for their company was also started through the co-working club in London. They have been officially working since 2014 and ever then they are doing so well all over. They have a fun, innovative and extremely motivated reasons for developing bicycle sharing ideas. They want all the people to know about global community involved in the group of bike sharing concepts.
There are many successful stories of coworking space. Not all the big company was big from the beginning. Hard-work and strong enthusiasm towards your work will definitely make you successful sooner or later. But you must keep going on. So, we are providing you a platform for you to make your dream to be true through co-working.

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