Guitar Class for Beginners

Basic Guitar Course

GyanHub is conducting a session of basic guitar class for beginners. We know that everybody loves music. In other words, music is incomplete without the melody of the guitar. Although guitar requires no introduction let’s know a little bit about the guitar.

About Guitar

The guitar is simply a musical instrument which is fretted with usually six strings. Now, we can see many guitars with eight. It is played with both of the hands, one strumming and other plucking the strings. You can use a guitar pick or fingers to play the strings. It is a chordophone made from wood and with nylon or steel strings.

On the other hand, it might be a difficult decision or experience for you to choose a good guitar class. You’ve decided to learn the guitar, or maybe you are already wondering what you might need. So, the one thing that you need is just you and your dedication towards music. It’s okay even if you are a brand new to guitar.

Similarly, you will have a learning session from the very beginning with a well-experienced instructor. As it is a basic session only, this course will run for almost a week.

What basic learning you will get

Firstly, you will learn to identify the name and number of the string of the guitar, read music notation, tablature, chord, block diagrams, and fretboard maps

After that, you will have a practice session for picking, fingerpicking, and strumming patterns

Then, you will play various chords including major and minor triads, open, barre, and pose chords

Finally, you will be able to read and play a lead sheet

More Details about Guitar Class

Course Fee: Rs 1500

Time: 1 pm -2:30 pm (Total of one and a half hour)

Date:  12 to 17 of Ashoj

So, please contact if you have really an interest in joining in this guitar learning session.

Hurry up and book available seats.

Limited seats only.

Get more details on GyanHub website.

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